mardi 28 août 2012

Margot nous écrit de Saint-Pétersbourg

St.Petersburg. Of course I liked it very much.  A very impressive city. Really 'Gorod Gieroj' (Hero City). It must have looked very romantic covered in snow when you saw it, but in summer the advantage is that you can also admire its beautiful parks and gardens (pic) or go on a boat trip around its numerous rivers and channels. And such a big choice of breathtaking palaces,  blue, green, pink or yellow, to send msgs from, Pat Olegovitch! Now I understand your nostalgia for the Tsardom of Russia and your Vojd trying to keep the power as long as possible even better. But your perception of Russia is for sure different from mine. You must be proud of its power and richness, while I'm proud we (Polish) have never been really scared of that Giant and never submitted to it.   
xxx, Margot
The only thing I didn't like about the trip is, like always when I go on a coach tour,  that you rush from place to place and don't have time to mix up and talk to local people too much. For me it's quite a disadvantage.

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